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Natural Ways To Unclog Arteries

unclog arteriesEating a lot of processed foods especially those with saturated fats, chemicals, and toxins will eventually clog up your arteries causing serious heart related problems. You even run a higher risk of having a heart attack or devastating stroke. Arteries are the rivers that continually transport essential nutrients needed body’s nourishment. If these are clogged up, nutrients will not be delivered properly resulting to varied deficiencies of the nutrients in the body. Luckily, there are natural ways to unclog your arteries. Talking about natural ways, we mean the foods that we eat and the diet we follow are the cornerstone in unclogging arteries. Here are essential foods the will greatly help to keep your arteries clean and unclogged. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Treat ADHD

adhdMost doctors will normally recommend over the counter drugs to treat ADHD. With the environmental changes and not normal eating habits of children, the risk of having this condition is being increased. Now some doctors advised to treat it naturally. There are natural ways to treat ADHD. We discuss some of these natural ways later.

I won’t go into the detail of this disorder because most people already have an idea and if you have a child that has suffered this disorder you are not so much worried about what it is but why does my child have this and how can I fix it without drugs. There is not one reason why a child (or adult) has ADHD but there is a number of predisposing factors like genetics, diet and nutrition, heavy metal toxicity and dysfunction between the gut and the brain which is an area that is receiving a lot of interest lately due to the amount of research being done in this area. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Stop Drinking Liqours

stop-drinkingTo stop drinking is quite more than tough. Strong will power might not be enough to quench your addiction. Therefore, it needs a systematic method to quit this unhealthy habit. There are natural ways to stop drinking but it should be done systematically.

It is a well-known fact that alcohol addiction is not good for health as it causes several long term health problems like liver damage, cirrhosis, kidney problem, pancreatitis, heart disease, anxiety disorder, impotence, reduced immunity etc. High sugar content in alcoholic beverages increases the risk of becoming obese. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Treat Arthritis

arthritisThere are natural ways to treat arthritis such as using herbs and balance diet. Arthritis is a common disease to elderly people. As we aged, we cannot deny the fact that we are susceptible to arthritis. We may feel some pains in every joint of our bones such as fingers, knees, elbows, and even in hips and jaw. It can be very painful especially in cold season. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Shrink Fibroids

Shrink FibroidsDuring menstruation, noncancerous tumors can be formed inside or outside of the uterus. These tumors are medically called uterine fibroids. These uterine fibroids are sometimes accompanied by pain and excessive menstrual bleeding, but they are not life-threatening. Doctors commonly recommend surgical procedures to remove fibroids but it is very costly. The best way to remove it economically is to use natural ways. Here are natural ways to shrink fibroids. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Remove Moles

Ways To Remove MolesA mole can sometime add beauty to face if it is on the right place but people want to remove it if it is place on the wrong place. Moles are small dark brown colored cluster of pigmented cells on the skin. Moles develop due to proliferation of pigmented cells, exposure to sunlight or due to hereditary. Moles can be removed but can leave marks on affected area. So, here are natural ways to remove moles at home. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Remove Earwax Effectively

Ways To Remove EarwaxSometimes we cannot properly hear because of some earwax that has clogged to our ears. But this is not a serious problem. There are natural ways to remove earwax which we will tackle later.

The first thing to remember is that you should never, ever stick objects like a bobby pin, matchstick, pencil point or paper clip inside your ear. Doing this can damage your inner ear and can lead to permanent hearing loss. There are much safer methods of removing excessive earwax. And, not only are homemade remedies safe, but they can save you time and money, as opposed to going to your doctor. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Regulate Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Some women suffered an irregular menstrual cycle. This condition is called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Here are some natural ways to regulate menstrual cycle.

Apple Cider Vinegar.Taking in the amount of 1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar before a meal will do the job. In the beginning, you may not notice a change right away. It takes 1-6 months for most women to notice a change in their menstrual cycles. However, most women may notice a change right away. Continue reading

Natural Herbs To Help Regulate Hormones Imbalance

Ways To Regulate HormonesHormonal imbalance can lead to several painful conditions. There are medical recommendation to regulate hormones but it costs a lot. The best way regulate hormones is to follow some natural ways which is tackled later.

The hormone or endocrine system is so intricately linked with the nervous system and our cognitive functioning and psychology that the interconnected web of chemical messaging that goes on is nothing short of mind boggling. Continue reading