Natural Ways To Unblock Fallopian Tubes

fallopian-tubesOne of the causes of infertility in women is their fallopian tubes are being blocked. Studies shows that this condition is not rare. In fact, millions of women are affected by infertility because their fallopian tube was being blocked. There are several causes why it has been blocked. Some of these causes are surgery done to the abdomen or pelvis, endometriosis, operation for appendicitis, sexually transmitted disease, and any other infections such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

However, the medical profession has not much to offer to women who are in this situation. The only options available are surgery, which has a very low success rate and risky, or the Vitro Fertilization which is too expensive to afford. Both these options are not acceptable to women who don’t want to go under the knife, or suffer the side effects of drugs.

Fortunately, the Chinese Medicine offers a natural cure as an alternative; the main advantages that you get by following this procedure is that women don’t have to take any chemical drugs that can cause side-effects and there is no surgery or pain involved. I have treated a number of women using this technique and practically all women treated using this natural procedure have stated that they feel healthy after this treatment.

The best thing is that unblocking the fallopian tubes naturally is a lot less costly than a surgery, or In Vitro Fertilization and other medication. This benefit has made many women to conceive at the same time be able to spend their money for the baby’s good future.

The remedy functions, by reducing inflammation, scarring and adhesions in the fallopian tubes through the herbs. These herbs can be taken in different forms such as capsules, herbal tampons or douches. The herbs help in the killing of infections caused by bacteria, smoothens the fallopian tube tissues, and softens them up for the next stage of the procedure.

The second stage of the process is having deep tissue massage which helps in breaking up of fallopian tubes blockages if any. This process is completely safe, as you have to do this massage by yourself, as you are the only one to judge how much pressure you can bear on your body. The massage process is accompanied by yoga routine, which focuses on the stretching of pelvic organs.

You must also take steps to create a healthy environment for the baby to grow in. Therefore, all of my clients do a body cleansing program and include nutritional supplements based on nutrient rich foods. This method of combining healthy eating with body cleansing makes a huge difference in the ease of which women get pregnant, especially those over 30.

Another point which is neglected often is stress. Stress can contribute to infertility by causing a spasm preventing the sperm from reaching the ovum.