Natural Ways To Treat Rosacea Disorder

rosaceaMany people will mistakenly treat rosacea as acne as they have the same appearance. Rosacea is a skin disorder in which the nose, cheeks, forehead or chin are chronically reddened. It does not produce blackheads or whiteheads like acne do. Typically, it affects those people in their 30 to 50 age group. The infections in america has a ratio of 1:20 and still now, there is no proven cure for rosacea.

It is important to treat this condition immediately because if caught quickly, the condition may never progress. In advanced or chronic cases, rosacea causes permanent redness especially on the nose. Women are more likely to have this condition than men but men tend to experience more severe cases.

So What Are The Causes?

Researchers have discovered several triggers for Rosacea and although they vary from person to person, the catalyst for an outbreak appears to be anything that dilates blood vessels in the face. This can include:

  • Alcohol

  • coffee

  • spicy foods

  • exposure to the sun or wind

  • Stress.

The problem that most people face when it comes to treating this condition is that there is not one common cause and it varies from person to person. The good news is that researchers have found links between rosacea and digestive problems. This is probably the first step to knowing how to treat this abnormality.

For instance, many rosacea sufferers have been found to have extremely low levels of stomach acid which in turn prevents proper digestion of key minerals. This can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria on the skin itself. Also, B-vitamin deficiencies appear to be fairly common with people who suffer from this condition. Probiotic organisms (ie. good bacteria) are also often depleted.

Root Causes

While food and drink could be the trigger that causes rosacea, a lot of times there are other things that are a bit off that could be tried. Since there is a connection between digestive problems and rosacea, there are many root causes that are associated with either eliminating toxins from the body or the body’s ability to process vital minerals and vitamins associated with elimination and digestion. Here are some root causes of this condition.

  • Low Levels of Stomach Acid-hydrochloric acid(HCI) supplements can help with low levels of stomach acid. However, because HCI supplements such as Betaine can also cause ulcers if misdiagnosed, it is important to take these supplements under the supervision of a doctor.

  • A high fat/low fiber diet– The alternative is to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and sprouts because they not only help convert food into nutrients that are beneficial to the skin and circulatory system, these all contain a fiber rich diet.

  • Dysbiosis(imbalance of the gut bacteria)- A Betaine hydrochloric supplement will help with this. It also helps to prevent the overgrowth of bacteria in the digestive tract that may be an influencing factor for rosacea.

  • Reaction to synthetic hormones

  • Nutritional deficiencies– Most of the time the deficiency is in B Vitamins. If you can’t get enough in your natural diet, you should supplement with a B-Complex vitamin. B-12 is especially good with reducing rosacea flare-ups.

  • Constipation– A diet high in fiber will help with constipation. Also, coconut oil is known to keep bowels loose and freely moving.

  • Hormonal Imbalance-Normally this is caused by menopause or a menopausal transition.

The Appearance

Rosacea gives a “flushed” appearance. It can also look like a red nose that you would associate with a drunk. It can look a lot like acne and many people think that they should treat it as such

Herbal Supplements As Treatments

I can’t emphasize enough that there is not one sole treatment for Rosacea and the treatments vary from person to person. This said, there are some herbal remedies for helping to reduce rosacea flare-ups. Once again, these herbs are primarily involved with improving digestion and elimination in the body.

Lipase Enzymes will help digest food more efficiently. People who suffer from this condition seem to benefit most from enzymes that help to digest fat.

Do NOT use steroid creams as this will just aggrevate the situation. While the problem of this condition appears to be a surface issue, in reality it involves the constriction of blood vessels under the skin.

milk-thistleMilk Thistle can help with this condition because it improves overall liver function and helps detoxify the skin.

green-teaAdditionally, there are studies that have shown that green tea may help with detoxifying the body as well. This is because green tea is rich in antioxidants and other substances that help with detoxification.

reishiAnother herbal supplement that may help with treating this condition is Reishi because it improves liver function.

alfalfaChlorerlla, spirulina, alfalfa and other “green” foods can be an effective treatments because they supply phytonutrients that help to improve skin health.

flaxseed-oilEssential fatty acids will help reduce inflammation of the skin. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are both excellent sources of fatty acids. Coconut oil also has some benefits.

gentian-rootGentian Root helps to improve overall digestive function and could help treat this condition.

burdock-rootFinally, burdock root has been subscribed to as a treatment as well as other chronic skin disorders. The way it works is it helps to balance hormones and works well with detoxification.

Relation With Mites

demodex-folliculorumA type of microscopic mite known as demodex folliculorum has been found in significantly higher numbers in skin samples taken from people with rosacea. Researchers are currently looking into the connection between this organism, which feeds on cast-off skin cells, and rosacea. They think that the mite may cause a reaction which influences this condition.

General Advice on Treating This Condition Naturally

There are all sorts of things that could cause rosacea and since every case is different, someone who suffers with this skin condition has to recognize the things that trigger this condition. Here are some natural ways to reduce the possibility of a rosacea outbreak.

fruits-and-vegetablesKeep your diet clean– Eat raw vegetables and fruits, organic if possible. A good diet will go a long way to helping nearly all health problems. Since this condition is so closely connected to digestion, a clean diet is especially important. Stay away from saturated or man made fats. Fats cause inflammation.

It may be a food allergy. Don’t rule it out. Keep a food diary for a month and when you see a flare-up, take a look at what you ate previously.

A fasting program such as a 3 day fast, once a month will help to detoxify your body.

Use mild soaps when cleaning your face. Pat the skin down rather than rubbing it.

If you can, avoid wearing makeup. If you must, choose all natural make up.