Natural Ways To Lower Eye Pressure

Ways To Lower Eye PressureSome headaches can be the result of eye pressure. Most eye pressue can be attributed to glaucoma – a condition that result to progressive loss of vision for older people. To lower eye pressure can avoid the loss of vision. Here some natural ways to lower eye pressure.

Drink small amounts of clear fluids throughout the day. This will help drink fluidsreduce pressure and pain by only introducing limited amounts of fluid to the body. Large amounts of fluids can worsen eye pressure, and caffeine should be avoided for the same reason.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants. These Eat plenty of fruits and vegetablesinclude citrus fruits, carrots and squash. Fruits and vegetables such as these promote healthy eyes by naturally lowering eye pressure while removing toxins and excess fluids that can build up, causing pain and discomfort.

Raise your heart rate through exercise. Aerobics are ideal for this method exerciseand cause the heart to pump blood through the arteries at a higher rate. This helps lower eye pressure significantly, according to Eye Digest. A brisk walk or stationary bicycle workout are also ideal exercises for raising heart rate.



Give your eyes frequent breaks from the television and computer screens. Looking at these for long periods of time can increase tv-and-computer-screenseye pressure through eye strain. Taking frequent breaks will allow your eyes to rest and adjust to normal lighting with no ill effects.

yogaReduce stress with daily exercise such as yoga or by soaking in a hot tub. Relieving tension will reduce eye pressure by reducing blood pressure spikes that contribute to this ailment.