Natural Ways To Go In Labor

ways to go on laborThere are various natural ways to go in labor but not all of them are effective as the three methods that will be discussed later. When it’s been nine months already after you conceived and you never felt that a baby is going to come out, it is wise to think some possible ways to go in labor. But choosing the right method is very critical since a small mistake would lead to a dangerous situation. Some methods have a great adverse side-effects that can harm both the baby and the mother. So here, we will discuss these three effective ways that let you go in labor naturally without worrying any negative side-effects to the body.

One of the ways to induce labor naturally that is definitely worth mentioning is acupressure – and it really isn’t nearly as mystical as some people believe it is.
Frankly speaking, this method is based on acupuncture pressure points that are located throughout your body and can be manipulated to help a wide range of Acupressureissues. In this case, there are specific pressure points that can be massaged to help induce labor!

Acupressure is said to only be effective if your body is already prepared for labor. It doesn’t ‘force’ your body to go into labor, but rather helps it along the way if it is ready to do so.

Without a doubt this is one of the most enjoyable ways to induce labor naturally – and it certainly is effective. Semen released into the cervix contains prostaglandins Sexthat can help it ripen and prepare it for birth (often triggering contractions at the same time).

Also, orgasms release a hormone known as Oxytocin, which causes uterine contractions.

Despite all the scientific debate that is constantly raging around how effective this method is, there are numerous women, midwives, doctors and other medical experts who all agree that even if it just helps to relax you – it does help.

Nipple Stimulation
Another one of the natural labor induction methods that involves the Oxytocin nipple stimulationhormone is nipple stimulation. Nipple stimulation is pretty simple to do. Just massage the areola in circular motions. You could also get your partner to suckle on your nipples – imitating a baby.

Carrying out nipple stimulation for 2 minutes with 3 minute breaks in between should be enough to trigger a release of Oxytocin that in turn should help you to go into labor.

As you can see, there really are some effective ways to induce labor naturally out there. The three that we’ve covered are some of the best – though it must be said that acupressure really does perform far more consistently than the others and is also considerably more convenient.

These are just a simple and natural ways to help you induce labor naturally. It’s now up to you if you are comfortable or not with these ways.