Natural Ways To Get Energy

energetic-peopleEnergy is important to all people. Most of them want to drink an energy drink. Cobra is a good example of energy drink but some people drink coffee when they feel fatigued. Others are use drug when felt fatigued even though it may cause health problems. There are a lot of ways on how to boost energy.


leafy-green-vegetables1. Get a juicer and make fresh vegetable juice if you can tolerate the sugar content of carrots. Experiment with combinations that you like best. Two combinations to start out with are: carrot-celery and carrot-apple. For the carrot-apple, 5 carrots to one apple works out about right.

2. See a naturopathic practitioner for determining the underlying causes of your fatigue. You might have a low thyroid or adrenals, and if you do, this is treatable in the alternative realm. 50% of depression cases may be due to a low thyroid, and covering up the depression and fatigue with drugs just masks what you need to do to really solve the problem permanently.

supplements-wisely3. Take a powdered whole food supplement which has many vitamins and minerals in it. Because of the synergistic effect of vitamins and minerals, it works best to take them together and not decide which you think you are deficient in. Fruitein is one from a health food section of a supermarket. Dr. Schulze Superfood is another. Powerfood, is another which is like Superfood but less expensive and has all the same ingredients and two other ingredients. Also, another one, which is hard to find on the Internet, is Powerhouse: the Original 32. Whatever it is, just make sure it came from whole food and has lots of vitamins and minerals in it.

walking4. If you are able to tolerate exercise, go out and walk a little, even if it is 10 minutes a day.

5. Breathe deeply in the fresh air. Your blood cells will take up this oxygen and enliven your whole body with it. If you are able to tolerate it, sleep with the bedroom window open during good weather.

6. Cleanse your intestinal system. Dr. Richard Schulze has some great colon cleansers (Dr. Schulze #1 and #2 colon cleansers). You can look him up on google and on ebay. A sluggish, congested colon is behind many a case of fatigue and ill health.

fats-and-sweets7. Avoid sugar when possible, and especially artificial sweeteners (they are poisonous to the body).

8. Get rid of clutter in your life, pare things down, make them more simple. Decide what your priorities will be.

maca9. Maca is a natural supplement which boosts the adrenal glands, and also is an aphrodisiac (you can find good deals on it on ebay). Boosting the adrenals can give you more energy. When people drink coffee, the caffeine is telling the adrenals to put out more hormones than they normally would, and this can eventually cause adrenal exhaustion and burnout.

10. Spend time with people who appreciate you for who you are.

11. Cleanse your liver. Your liver is responsible for detoxifying your body of all toxic substance that come into it. It has to keep toxins out of the bloodstream. Because society’s habits have become so toxic, the liver needs a good cleaning much more often. There are various products available on ebay, and searchable through google. Again I would recommend Dr. Schulze’s liver cleansing product and you can do a search on that.

12. Build your skills and market your best abilities so that you will be energized by your work.

13. Turn off the television. Get outdoors – bicycling, rollerblading, walking, running, camping. Spend time in natural surroundings and draw energy from the earth and the sky, as well as the solitude.

14. Take processed, artificial, chemicalized foods out of your diet.

drink-more-water15. Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day (juice and coffee does not count as water. Only water counts as water.).

16. Take chorella (a Japanese superfood) or Super Blue Green algae as a supplement.

b-vitamins17. Get your B vitamins from whole food supplements or nutritional yeast.

18. Work from home and be your own boss. Place a comment on this article if you want some of the legitimate things I’ve dug up during three months of research on the Internet for something that I could do from home. There are some companies where you could do customer service from home.

19. Turn off the computer earlier to go to bed, and get adequate sleep.

fruits-and-vegetables20. Choose nutritious raw fruits and vegetables to add to your diet. The Mediterranean Diet is high in nutrition and has healthy fat in it, and is good for the heart as well as your energy. Realizing that choosing the right foods or the wrong foods is the difference between health or illness.

21. Realize that just because something is labeled “health food”, doesn’t make it automatically healthy. Learn to hone your sense of judgment and critical thinking, and learn what is actually on labels.

22. Some herbs can also increase energy. (Do research on google to get leads on which ones.)

DISCLAIMER: As always, this is just educational information, not medical advice. Work with your alternative medical professional to develop a plan that is individualized for you to increase your energy.

Is it possible to regenerate your energy without coffee and drugs? Give it a shot. I succeeded, and have faith that if you try these things, you can improve your energy. Good luck!