Natural Ways To Enhance Breast

enhance breastThe natural ways are the answer to all women who want to enhance their breast but have no enough money to pay the costly surgery. Using the natural ways eliminate the risk of having cancer. By following the natural ways, you can have a larger, firmer, and fuller breast if you have the efforts, dedication, and self-dicipline. In short, no pain no gain, is the common saying that will be driving force to enhance breast successfully. And the reward is having a high self-confidence on yourself. You will become attractive, admirable, and the envy of other women. Follow these popular natural ways and reap the reward of your effort.

1. Herbs

Using herbs for breast enlargement is not a new practice. Herbs have been used for centuries in many different cultures to product natural breast enhancement results.

Nowadays, you can find specially made pills that combine effective herbs that simulate natural breast growth. This makes it easy and cost effective to get all of your herbs in one place. They often have estrogen-like effects that cause fluid retention in the breast and, ultimately, effects the breast tissue growth.

Three of the herbs that simulate breast growth and are often found in herbal pills are:

fenugreek seedFenugreek – The seeds contain diosgenin, in which helps to produce a mastogenic effect that results in breast size enhancement.


wild yamWild Yam – This is a common herb found in many breast enhancement herbal mixtures, and it is a herbal tonic for women’s health. The phyto-nutrients that it contains compliment fenugreek for increasing breast size. However, by itself, it has widely been used for breast enhancement and healthy breast tissue.

FennelFennel – Contains estrogenic compounds and has been used for centuries to increase breast size in women.


Most herbs are very safe to use, but check to make sure that they don’t conflict with any other medications you are on. Also, you may not be able to take certain mixtures when you are pregnant or going through an illness.


2. Pills

PillsLess expensive and invasive than surgery, these work just like the herb pills, except they usually contain non-herbal ingredients in addition to natural herbs. They can contain proven natural medical ingredients that help the breast increase in size naturally like L-Tyrosine which is thought to stimulate the production of growth hormone and build muscle while reducing body fat.

Hormones, such as estrogen, are often put in breast enhancement pills. These hormones restart the process that is responsible for breast growth. Even males, who want to increase their pectoral size, can benefit from the hormones in these pills, which just goes to show that they are effective in increasing breast size.


3. Topical Creams

When puberty occurs, the deciding factor of breast shape, size, and fullness completely depends upon the amount of time that puberty lasts, and the amount of hormone produced that is responsible for topical creamsbreast tissue growth. The truth is that we are all unique, and some girls do not produce as much of this breast-enhancing hormone as they would like to produce for the size and shape they want. Unfortunately, they cannot motivate their body to produce more hormones or to make puberty last longer, in fact, they have very little say in the matter.

Creams made for breast enlargement work by stimulating the natural growth process that is experienced during puberty and even during pregnancy (without stimulating milk production). Because these creams are just stimulating a natural body process, and are made up of natural products, they are safe to use and the results appear natural. In addition, because the breast was not artificially enhanced, the results are long term!


4. Hormone Replacement Therapy

Adding hormones to the body is often called hormone therapy (HT) or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There are many different forms in which to take the hormones including pills, creams, patches, suppositories, injections, nasal mists, and an implantation that goes under the skin.

As you can see, when it comes to breast enlargement there are many natural options for you to take besides expensive and painful surgery. Often times you will find that a combination of creams, herbs, and pills are recommended to use together for natural breast enhancement. When looking for a natural therapy that works for you, make sure to research the pill, cream, or herb before taking. Many breast enhancement creams, herbs, and pills are readily available to you on the internet and in natural herbal stores. Follow these ways and you can enhance your breast in weeks.