Natural Ways To Cure A Headache

ways to cure headacheThere are many ways to cure headache. The best ways are the natural ways which is safe from side effects and cost effective. Most people of all ages suffered headaches. This is the main reason that many people spent money just to consult a doctor. There are several causes of headache. Some of them are the result of physical and mental activities. Some are results of stress and tensions. While the common practice when having a headache is to take a pain reliever, this practice may additional health problems. So the best ways to cure headache is to cure it using natural ways or by just preventing it from happening. Here are some of the natural ways that you can follow to cure if you are suffering with headache.

How to Cure Headache Naturally?

Peppermint oil
peppermint oilPeppermint is a soother of nerves and can also revitalize a little energy. Massage peppermint oil for about 15 minutes. You can also massage fresh peppermint herb on your head. You will surely get relief from headache.

Acupuncture to cure headacheTry acupuncture or acupressure. This will help a lot particularly if the reason of the headache is nervous tension.



Away from computer or Use anti-glare spectacles
anti-glare-spectaclesComputer Radiation or excess light may also be responsible for headache. If you suffer from headache due to excess use of computer, then use anti-glare spectacles while working on computer as well as take rest by washing your face few times in a day.


Apply heating pad
heating-padDue to stress and decreased blood flow to the brain, tension headaches result that causes the neck muscles to tighten. In this situation, sooth your neck muscles by applying heating pad or hot water bottle. You can also take hot shower to relax tight muscles of the neck, upper back and shoulders.


Stay away from highly sugared food
sugared-foodHighly sugared food or food additives such as preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, can also trigger headaches. Ensure that you stay away from such foods and try to include natural foodssuch as fruits and vegetables.


Get adequate sleep
adequate-sleepIn some people, a lack of sleep may be the reason for headache. As well, getting sufficient sleep can help to reduce stress. It is generally recommended that people who suffer from headaches have to maintain a normal sleep schedule daily.


Try Exercise
exerciseExercisessuch as swimming, brisk walk, or jogging increase blood circulation and the fresh air will also help to relieve headache. Also, it allows the whole body to relax. So, try to make exercise as your daily habit.




Laughter therapy
laughter-therapyMany times, headache becomes fatal due to lots of stress. In this situation, laughter therapy is an effective stress medicine. See some comedy filmor read comic book by going in garden and laugh loudly, you will get relief in just a few minutes.

Drink herbal tea
peppermint-teaTo relieve the headache, teas like peppermint and chamomile work wonder. Ensure that you drink a cup of herbal tea for tranquilizing your headache.


Hydrate your body
drink-fluidsDehydration may be the cause your headache. When you lose a lot of fluid and heat, head pain takes place. Sit for sometime and drink water slowly. Drink eight glassof water daily and see difference. Soak a cloth in ice cold water and then tie it on your eye for about 10 minutes.

Apply icepack
apply ice packIf you have headache due to stress, worries, angriness or food allergy, then apply ice pack on your head, throat, shoulders, and back of your neck. You will get rid of headache to some extent and feel better.

Other Tips:

  • Consume foods that are high in magnesium like broccoli, beans, soy milk, nuts, spinach, etc.

  • Lemon juice in tea or water can help to dispose of the headache.

  • Meditation also helps to relieve chronic headache but you just have to do meditation regularly.

  • Limit foods rich in sodium (salt), saturated fats, cholesterol, Trans fats, and added sugars.

  • Aromatherapy methods are also helpful. They offer the advantage of aromas such as lavender which have relaxation qualities with in.

  • Avoid sleeping in cold rooms. Maintain yourbedroom temperature up to at least 68 degrees.

  • Take a multivitamin containing magnesium and calcium, because these two minerals are believed to work to decrease the symptoms of tension and other stress linked headaches.