Natural Ways To Change Your Eye Color

How to change your eye coloar in natural ways effectivelyThere are only few natural ways to change your eye color. For the most part, a person can only use tricks to bring out different pigments already in the eye that are usually dormant. While cosmetics and jewelry do not actually change the color of your eyes, they do make certain colors look more obvious, giving the appearance of change. Read carefully the method below to learn more tips on how to change eye color.


Turning Your Eyes Green

  1. 1Use purple eyeshadow. Purple  eyeshadow to change color of woman eyeMost shades of purple will draw out the green tint in your eyes, but there are some shades that are better for certain types of green. A deeper shade of purple, like burgundy, is best for drawing out light yellow-green, while a lighter shade of purple, like lavender, will work better if you want to draw out deep turquoise-green tints.


  1. 2Apply a burgundy or plum eyeliner. plum-eyelinerIn general, you want to choose a dark shade of eyeliner no matter what shade of green you want to draw out. Light purples that frame the eye will make the green look faded instead of vibrant, making it less obvious. A darker shade of purple like plum, by contrast, makes green pigment pop, especially when applied above the upper lide. Gravitate toward lighter shades of purple if you want to bring out deep green pigments and darker shades of purple for light green pigments.

Turning Your Eyes Blue

  1. 1Try a brown eyeshadow. A copper tone swept over the entire lid of the eye is an excellent choice to draw out both deep blues and baby blues. For a more subtle choice, you can opt for a brown shadow applied to the crease of your eye. Lighter browns make better choices when trying to draw out deep blue pigment, while richer browns tend to work better when trying to make your eyes look light blue. Either way, these warm tones work well to draw out blue pigmentation.
  2. 2Use dark blue eyeshadow and eyeliner. Adding blue cosmetics to your eyes will make the blue pigments appear deeper, but too much blue make-up can actually suppress blue pigmentation. Apply a navy blue eyeliner around the upper lid of your eye to reflect the blue in your eyes. You could also try applying a dark blue shadow in the crease of your eye or a light blue shadow along the brow or in the inside corner to open the eye and reflect the blue there better.
  3. 3Play up the gold and copper jewelry. Along with copper eye shadow, copper jewelry is a great way to draw out the blue pigment in your eyes. This is especially true if worn near the face as earrings or necklaces. Gold jewelry also works, to an extent, but silver jewelry does not have the same effect.
  4. 4Check into specialized eye surgery.In recent years, a special treatment has been discovered that can actually turn brown eyes blue. A computer scans the iris and uses a laser to damage the brown pigmentation in your eyes. Blue pigmentation always lies behind brown pigmentation, resulting in eyes that appear bluer. More research must be performed to determine whether or not such surgery causes long-lasting damage to the eyes, though.

Turning Your Eyes Brown

  1. 1Stick with neutral tones. Brown is a strong, versatile shade, but if there are green pigments in your eyes, they can compete with the brown and drown the brown out. To really make the brown in your eyes stand out, opt for neutral shades of brown. If there are no green pigments in your eyes, you can use purple or taupe to make the brown look richer, but if you do have green pigments competing for attention, stick with chocolate browns and tans.
  2. 2Layer on the eye cosmetics. Another trick to drawing out brown pigmentation is to layer and blend various shades of brown. By layering the shades instead of applying one solid shade across the eye, you create the illusion of depth. The deeper your eyes look, the more obvious any deep brown hues in your eyes will look.
  3. 3Draw out hazel tones with soft pinks and metallic colors. If the brown tones in your eyes are closer to a hazel shade, opt for neutrals with a pink undertone. You can even sweep a soft pink shadow across the lid to make the hazel pigments appear stronger. For a bolder look, metallic shades like gold can also be used to draw out hazel tones.
  4. 4Wear gold jewelry. Earrings and necklaces worn near the face are especially effective at drawing out hazel tones and light brown pigments. Gold tones work best for brown pigmentation, though, rather than silver jewelry.

General Tips

  1. 1. Get happy—or angry.Emotions change pupil size. When a person gets upset or excited, the pupil enlarges, compressing the iris and changing the color. As a result, the naturally pigment usually becomes a few shades darker. For some individuals, emotions can change the eye color itself. This is especially true of individuals with hazel eyes.
  2. 2. Change your surroundings. Different types of lighting can affect eye color in different ways. Fluorescent light has a tendency to make eye color look duller or more faded, but natural light usually makes the natural shade of one’s eye color look more vibrant. For eyes composed of different pigments, less dominant shades are brought out more easily in natural light.
  3. 3. Wait and see what nature has in store. The shade of one’s eyes occasionally alters with age. In about 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population, eye color changes as one approaches middle age or senior citizenry. Usually the color fades, but sometimes it gets darker. Dramatic changes can indicate disease, however, so you should be wary of any extreme variances in hue.


  • You could also try colored contacts. If you need prescription lenses, ask your eye doctor about getting colored versions. If you do not need prescription lenses, make sure to get clear glass or non-prescription lenses that are still approved for use by optometrists.
  • Surgery is also an option, but quite pricey.

Things You’ll Need

  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry and other accessories