Natural Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

ways to avoid pregnancyFinding natural ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy can be difficult if you are not surrounded with good information sources. Getting pregnant at the wrong time in the wrong place might give more severe problems than expected. So the best option would be to avoid this situation in as much as possible. Asking medical advice from doctors might be a good choice if you have a lot of cash in your pocket. But if you are saving economically, there are some good books from your local library which you can find some information. Luckily, there are several natural ways to avoid pregnancy. These ways are presented here.

1. The Calendar Method

Any woman having a regular menstrual cycle can rely on this method to predict her ‘fertile period’. First calendar-methodand last day of the ‘fertile period’ or ‘risk period’ is calculated by using this simple formula:
  • First day of the ‘fertile period’ = Shortest cycle – 20
  • Last day of the ‘fertile period’ = Longest cycle – 10
Example: A woman having a regular 28 to 30 days cycle
  • First day of her ‘fertile period’ = Shortest cycle – 20 = 28 – 20 = 8th day of her cycle
  • Last day of her ‘fertile period’ = Longest cycle – 10 = 30 – 10 = 20th day of her cycle
For achieving birth control without using mechanical means, she will have to abstain from 8th to 20th day of her cycle.
[PS: First day of the cycle = First day of the menstrual period, that is, the day when the period starts.]
2. The Temperature Method
  • To predict the ‘fertile period’ by using this method a woman is required to measure the vaginal temperature daily, on awakening in the morning, before she starts any physical activity.
  • An abrupt rise of about 0.3 to 0.4 Degree Celsius will be noticed after the day of ovulation and the temperature remains at this level for the rest of the cycle.
  • Abstinence is required until the third day of the rise of temperature.
  • However, it is more effective when used in combination with the calendar method.
3. Combined Temperature and Calendar Method
  • This method is more effective than the calendar or temperature method used alone.
  • In this method the first day of the ‘fertile period’ is determined using the calendar method and the last day is predicted using the temperature method.
4. The Cervical Mucus (Billings) Method
  • To predict the ‘fertile period’ using this method, a woman is required to observe the consistency of the cervical mucus daily.
  • Mucus is detected several days before ovulation and then it gradually increases in quantity and becomes more thin and slippery until a ‘peak’ is reached, at about the time of ovulation.
  • After that mucus becomes scanty, thicker and opaque. Abstinence is required since the day mucus is detected until fourth day after the ‘peak day’.
  • This method is as effective as the combined temperature and calendar method.
5. Combined Mucus, Temperature and Calendar Method
  • Most effective and reliable natural birth control method is the combined mucus, temperature and calendar method.
  • The first day of abstinence is determined using the calendar method or the first day the mucus is detected, whichever comes first.
  • The last day is predicted using the temperature method.
Abstinence during the ‘fertile period’ can be safely used as the natural method of birth control by women having menstrual cycles at regular intervals. Period of abstinence can be predicted using either the calendar, temperature or the cervical mucus method. However, most effective is the joint method, in which first day is predicted either by using calendar or the mucus method and the last day is predicted using the temperature method.


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