Natural Ways To Aerate Lawn

lawnMaking your lawn even more greener and attractive is simply taking one step beyond than what we used to do normally. This means that we have to aerate our lawn in a natural ways. This is done by creating a small holes in lawns to make room for oxygen and other nutrients to reach the roots of grasses more easily. This sounds a bad idea, because in our minds, we may think that big deep holes will make the lawn unattractive to look at, but if done properly, this would be the apple of an eyes to all viewers.


Aerating should be done once a year, or if your lawn is looking especially dull and tired. If there is high traffic to the area or you notice a buildup of thatch, then aeration is the key to getting grass back to its intended state. Aerating is best done in the late summer or early fall.

Renting an Aerating Machine Versus Using a Handheld Aerating Tool

lawn-aeratorThere are different ways that you can aerate your lawn. One way is by renting a large aerating machine and the other is using a handheld aerating tool. If you have a small or medium sized lawn, a handheld one will suit your needs. Handheld devices are great for those tight areas near fences or patios. It also allows you to do small areas little by little, rather than completely ripping up your lawn in one shot. This could be a way for you to still maintain a beautiful looking lawn while slowly aerating.

Aerating Shoes

aerating-shoesOther ways of aerating are using special shoes that allow you to punch holes in your lawn as you walk across. However, experts suggest that this is not the best way to aerate your lawn. It does not remove the cores from the soil, it simply creates a puncture wound in the surface of the lawn. It works well if your grass isn’t in dire need of a thorough aeration. However, if there is a thick layer of thatch resting atop your grass, you may need to resort to a more thorough aeration method.

Core Aerators

core-aeratorsCore aerators, which drill holes in your lawn up to an inch in diameter and 1-6 inches deep, are recommended for lawns that are particularly compact. If your lawn is exposed to massive amounts of wear and tear or you notice a thick buildup of thatch, you may want to consider using this method. This method, along with handheld tools, are considered to be the best because they actually remove the core from the ground. You should run the aerator over your lawn until there 20-40 holes per square foot. Each hole should be about the size of your little finger.


Spiking is one way to aerate lawnIf your lawn is in decent condition or you have aerated it recently, you can use a method where you insert solid spikes into the ground. This is a less intense process for your lawn. This is a great method that prevents the roots from becoming intertwined. It works in a similar way as the aerating shoe device. By keeping the roots from intertwining, the grass will be able to establish more firmly in the soil.

General Lawn Care

general-lawn-careRegardless of the method that you use, it is important that your lawn is moist before aerating. This will ensure that the tines, the devices that penetrate the grass and remove cores from the soil, can insert themselves deeply into your lawn. However, you should not aerate your lawn if it is soaking wet. Therefore, if your lawn is dry, water two days before you plan on aerating.

If using a method that removes cores from the soil, do not gather or throw them away. Allow them to remain on top of the grass. There are microorganisms in the soil that will help to deteriorate thatch naturally. It will also return nutrients that were stored in the soil and grass roots back to the soil. To expedite the process of the cores breaking down and releasing the soil and nutrients back to your grass, you can use a rake and break up the cores. Water your lawn after aerating but be sure not to overwater. It will be easy to drown your grass now that it is riddled with holes. Your lawn may look out of sorts for a few weeks but it will heal itself and, when it does, your lawn will look better than it did before!