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I want It That Way

When two people were denied the chance to love each other, the determination to have the freedom to love each other will increase. This is the story where this song implied. Two people being apart from each other wanted to be together but one give up. One told that he want it that way. The reality is so harsh. The reality forces them to say that they want it that way. Continue reading

Hey Jude

This song is about a situation where a young man has finally found her woman. The problem, she is not a perfect woman. He wants a perfect woman but he never found one. It hurt him a lot. He gets disappointed, frustrated, and desperate to find such ideal woman. He got crazy on this. Finally his friends started to notice him and give him some advice. Continue reading

The Rose

When someone learns from the other about the negative effect of loving someone, soon he will afraid to love. He is afraid to become a broken hearted. There are many cases where loving someone brought mostly bad effect that good. There are several instances where loving someone would lead the destruction of your love. Soon your hope of living happily with some will evaporate on the air. The news of broken relationship with its devastating effect will surely prevent someone to love. Continue reading

Wind Beneath My Wings

They say that for every man’s success, there is a woman behind. This saying summarized this song. With all reasoning in this world, there is no more complicated as a man conquered the world because of a woman. As this song implying that an eagle cannot fly without wind, so is the man cannot succeed without inspiration. This inspiration could be translated as a purpose or goal. Without achieving this goal, it only means life extinction. Continue reading

Achy Breaky Heart

This song seems implying about a girl who was fallen in love with someone but never being loved in return. It seems that her weak emotion was being taken advantage of the man she loved. The man takes every possible thing he can gain from her. The man only wants all her material possessions. He never cares her anyway. Though the woman noticed this, though she has been told by her friends or closed relatives about this. She never believed it. She was laid to believe on lies instead of the facts. Soon she became the laughing stock in their place. Continue reading

Bohemian Rhapsody

This song is about a sad story. This is between a mother and her son. The son becomes a prodigal not in terms of money because he is a poor boy but the way he acts. He acts selfishly. He acts in his own accord. He disobeys his mother and never listen to her advice. He does whatever pleases him. He is an eccentric individual. He only cares himself. He only thinks what is good for him. He does anything that could put him in a good situation in the expense of others. Continue reading

Baby One More Time

Sometimes in a love relationship, pride can cause trouble. It even breaks the relationship apart and most of the time; pride is the main causes for quarrel in any relationship. Because of pride, no one wants to listen with someone’s explanation. It makes your mind close; it makes you refuse to believe any reasons why it had happened. Because of this, so many hearts has been broken. So many people have to endure the pangs of loneliness because they made the mistake of letting their love ones go instead of devoting time in fixing their relationship. Continue reading

Oops! …I Did It Again

This song is about a young woman who has a habit of playing someone’s emotion. She acts as if she loves someone. She cares someone like a lover but deep inside her heart she is not really love him. This is rare situation but it is true. There is really a situation like this and we often heard it in any television or radio programs where someone will send their problems and the people who listen will call and give their answers, advice, and opinion. Some advice is good; some is irrational while most of those advices are helpful. Continue reading


Due to its up-tempo dance style, Paparazzi song makes me sweat a little bit when singing in front of karaoke machine. Lady Gaga is right in composing this song. This song is the means to express and unveil the real talent of dancing and singing which both Lady Gaga possessed.  Continue reading

Dancing Queen

I salute to ABBA band. They were the most accomplished and most talented band in my own opinion. Sadly, they were disbanded and everything they did just become a history. Others may call it a legend but for me, it is just a history. The song that made me like this band is the Dancing Queen. As I heard people saying about this band, it turns out that their most popular song is the Dancing Queen and I like this song very much. Continue reading