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Poker Face

I could not imagine how someone could finish singing Poker Face song in any karaoke machine without having to breathe heavily. How someone could sing it without out ever trying dancing. Poker Face is an up-tempo electro pop dance song and suited most for dancing. Continue reading


This song is about a story when a guy is having a relationship with someone just for the sake of getting money in return. This is a one-sided love affair where the woman has a vast numbers of wealth and was fallen in love to a certain guy. The guy did not love her maybe because she lacks the charisma or maybe she was old enough or maybe she look ugly while the guy is tall, handsome, and possessed the characteristics of attractive personality. And maybe because the guy has nothing financially, he is taking advantage of that woman just to get enough money or just to be financially free. So he is having a relationship or he is marrying for money. Continue reading