I Can Wait Forever

I can wait forever is just another song from Air Supply which preach about love. Then some question arises about this song. Is this possible? How someone can wait forever if he has only limited chances in a lifetime to be happy? He must better forget the one who rejected him and look for another. He should not be governed by his emotion alone. He should not wait such long unless he smell some chances or such someone he loves gives a hint that sometime in the future she could have the freedom to compliment his love. It would be foolish to wait forever if he never seen a glimpse of hope. But it is wise to evaluate the situation and start a new beginning. It would be a waste of time trying to reach the stars knowing that it would never happen. It would be insane doing the same thing and hoping for different results.

Okay, we have come a little bit farther. Let’s share some experience that could relate to this song.

Way back to my high school years, I had a friend named Jojo. He was so in love with one of our classmates named Luz. We were in second year high school then. Jojo kept courting on Luz but Luz never felt even a tiny bit of feelings towards Jojo. Though Jojo knew about this, but he was not discouraged. He kept hitting on her until we were in our fourth year high school. Then our graduation day ceremony has come and I never heard of them since.

Twelve years has passed. This time I have already a family. I got a beautiful, loving and caring wife. We got a son and daughter. Then I heard about Jojo, he is still not married and for the past twelve years, he was still courting Luz. Unfortunately for Jojo, Luz was having a relationship with another man but their relationship failed.

By the way if you want the lyrics, here it is:

When you say I miss the things you do,
I just want to get back close again to you.
But for now your voice is near enough.
How I miss you, and I miss you love.
And though all the days that pass me by so slow,
all the emptiness inside me flows all around,
and there’s no way out.
I’m just thinkin’ so much of you.
There was never any doubt.


I can wait forever if you say you’ll be there too.
I can wait forever if you will.
I know it’s worth it all to spend my life alone with you.

When it looked as though my life was wrong,
You took my love and gave it somewhere to belong.
I’ll be here when hope is out of sight.
I just wish that I was next to you tonight.
And oh, I’ll be reaching for you even though
You’ll be somewhere else, my love.
We’ll go like a bird on its way back home.
I could never let you go.
And I just want you to know…


Where are you now,
along with the thoughts we share?
Keep them strong somehow.
And you know I’ll always be there.

chorus repeat and fade

What is your opinion about this song?