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Even The Nights Are Better

Even the night are better is a love song popularized by 80’s band Air Supply. Upon understanding the meaning of this song, I can relate this to Air Supply other song entitled “Lonely is the Night“. Even the night is better is different considering that the leading man here is not lonely. It signifies that if the if the leading man is with her woman, everything would be better. Everything within that night would be better. It’s not only good, it’s better. The night would be even more meaningful compared with no one beside him. Continue reading


“Chances” is the song from Air supply with very high pitch. When hearing this song played from FM radio, I will always remember my brother-in-law. He is very lucky. He is blessed with singing talent. He has a wonderful voice. He can sing with very high pitch. In fact, he uses his talent to seduce my sister. My sister is beautiful and talented also but she likes someone who is so talented with singing. It happened that this guy was so adept in singing. So, this is the reason that they love each other and got married.` Continue reading

Here I am

What if you are the luckiest man ever created who won the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world? How do you feel? Probably you are very proud to yourself but in reality you just think it naturally as it is a man’s nature to crave for something he does not have and complacent for the things he already has. This is the right illustration where the song “Here I Am” from Air Supply was all about. This is all about a man has the love of his woman but take it for granted until the day has come where he lost her. That day he realized how important for him such woman. He realized that he love her very much and he could not live alone without her. Continue reading

I Can Wait Forever

I can wait forever is just another song from Air Supply which preach about love. Then some question arises about this song. Is this possible? How someone can wait forever if he has only limited chances in a lifetime to be happy? He must better forget the one who rejected him and look for another. He should not be governed by his emotion alone. He should not wait such long unless he smell some chances or such someone he loves gives a hint that sometime in the future she could have the freedom to compliment his love. It would be foolish to wait forever if he never seen a glimpse of hope. But it is wise to evaluate the situation and start a new beginning. It would be a waste of time trying to reach the stars knowing that it would never happen. It would be insane doing the same thing and hoping for different results. Continue reading

All Out Of Love

All Out of Love means he has already given his 100% love to someone and left nothing for himself. This is good for a relationship where man and woman really in love with each other but extremely worst if only one side has this feeling. Air supply might be wrong when they composed this song if the latter was the case. If this song is meant for fair relationship, then I guest, this song is both for man and woman who really love each other, a kind of love where trials, no matter how difficult it is, no power no matter how strong it is, could ever break such love.

Continue reading

Two Less Lonely People In The World

I was not able to grasp the meaning of this song at first even if I used to sing it a lot. The title itself is not straightforward. For me, I would really say, it is vague. It makes me think harder and analyze it further before I was able to get the whole meaning. Two less lonely people in the world points to the idea that there were two lonely people who found love with each other, who found happiness with each other. Hence, they were no longer lonely but a happy people. Continue reading

Poker Face

I could not imagine how someone could finish singing Poker Face song in any karaoke machine without having to breathe heavily. How someone could sing it without out ever trying dancing. Poker Face is an up-tempo electro pop dance song and suited most for dancing. Continue reading


This song is about a story when a guy is having a relationship with someone just for the sake of getting money in return. This is a one-sided love affair where the woman has a vast numbers of wealth and was fallen in love to a certain guy. The guy did not love her maybe because she lacks the charisma or maybe she was old enough or maybe she look ugly while the guy is tall, handsome, and possessed the characteristics of attractive personality. And maybe because the guy has nothing financially, he is taking advantage of that woman just to get enough money or just to be financially free. So he is having a relationship or he is marrying for money. Continue reading