Herbal Remedies For Achy Joints

achy-jointsAs we grow older, we may find ourselves that we could hardly walk because of aching knees, ankles and hips. But does it have to be? Perhaps not. Aching joints can be a sign of inflammation, the body’s natural immune response. There are a number of factors that can contribute to an unhealthy inflammatory response in the body that may result in ongoing pain, discomfort, or lack of mobility.  

A number of herbal remedies have been used throughout history to support the body’s healthy inflammatory response and to ease the discomfort associated with inflammation.

turmericTurmeric is the cooking spice that accounts for the yellow color of curry and American mustard and has a distinctive sharp flavor. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends turmeric for all inflammatory disorders, including arthritis, tendonitis, and autoimmune conditions.


Ginger is another spice that can support the body’s inflammatory response and can be used in cooking, as a tea or taken as a supplement.

Boswellia is a lesser known herb that has been traditionally used to reduce pain and Boswelliainflammation. It can be found as a single herb supplement or in combinations with complementary herbs.

Glucosamine, condroitin and MSM are compounds that may support healthy joint function as well and can also be supplemented.

As with any natural remedy, the key is to be patient. Many supplements can take up to 2 months before the full effects can be recognized.