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All Out Of Love

All Out of Love means he has already given his 100% love to someone and left nothing for himself. This is good for a relationship where man and woman really in love with each other but extremely worst if only one side has this feeling. Air supply might be wrong when they composed this song if the latter was the case. If this song is meant for fair relationship, then I guest, this song is both for man and woman who really love each other, a kind of love where trials, no matter how difficult it is, no power no matter how strong it is, could ever break such love.

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Two Less Lonely People In The World

I was not able to grasp the meaning of this song at first even if I used to sing it a lot. The title itself is not straightforward. For me, I would really say, it is vague. It makes me think harder and analyze it further before I was able to get the whole meaning. Two less lonely people in the world points to the idea that there were two lonely people who found love with each other, who found happiness with each other. Hence, they were no longer lonely but a happy people. Continue reading

Poker Face

I could not imagine how someone could finish singing Poker Face song in any karaoke machine without having to breathe heavily. How someone could sing it without out ever trying dancing. Poker Face is an up-tempo electro pop dance song and suited most for dancing. Continue reading


This song is about a story when a guy is having a relationship with someone just for the sake of getting money in return. This is a one-sided love affair where the woman has a vast numbers of wealth and was fallen in love to a certain guy. The guy did not love her maybe because she lacks the charisma or maybe she was old enough or maybe she look ugly while the guy is tall, handsome, and possessed the characteristics of attractive personality. And maybe because the guy has nothing financially, he is taking advantage of that woman just to get enough money or just to be financially free. So he is having a relationship or he is marrying for money. Continue reading

I want It That Way

When two people were denied the chance to love each other, the determination to have the freedom to love each other will increase. This is the story where this song implied. Two people being apart from each other wanted to be together but one give up. One told that he want it that way. The reality is so harsh. The reality forces them to say that they want it that way. Continue reading

Hey Jude

This song is about a situation where a young man has finally found her woman. The problem, she is not a perfect woman. He wants a perfect woman but he never found one. It hurt him a lot. He gets disappointed, frustrated, and desperate to find such ideal woman. He got crazy on this. Finally his friends started to notice him and give him some advice. Continue reading

The Rose

When someone learns from the other about the negative effect of loving someone, soon he will afraid to love. He is afraid to become a broken hearted. There are many cases where loving someone brought mostly bad effect that good. There are several instances where loving someone would lead the destruction of your love. Soon your hope of living happily with some will evaporate on the air. The news of broken relationship with its devastating effect will surely prevent someone to love. Continue reading

Wind Beneath My Wings

They say that for every man’s success, there is a woman behind. This saying summarized this song. With all reasoning in this world, there is no more complicated as a man conquered the world because of a woman. As this song implying that an eagle cannot fly without wind, so is the man cannot succeed without inspiration. This inspiration could be translated as a purpose or goal. Without achieving this goal, it only means life extinction. Continue reading