Natural Ways To Lower Glucose Level

lower glucose levelIt’s time to be aware when you find your blood glucose is more than 200 mg/dL. You can not avoid going to seek medical advice when your blood sugar level runs above 250 mg/dL for at least 2 days consistently. However, there are some easy ways on how to lower blood glucose naturally. Check it out and start to live a healthier life;



1. Reduce food consumption

This may be the easiest way to lower blood glucose naturally. All you have to do is just reducing food consumption at the next meal time and reducing snack.

The guidance is; reducing 15 grams of carbohydrate will lower blood glucose by 30 mg/dL. By using this guideline, you can plan how many carbohydrates you can take after checking your blood sugar.

For example; when your blood sugar level meter shows 182 mg/dL before having meal, then you better avoid one portion of starch and one cup of milk at the next meal to lower blood sugar to be closed to 120 mg/dL.

Remember, this is only a basic guideline. Different people will respond differently to this arrangement.

2. Choosing lower glycemic index food

Choosing foods which have low glycemic will be very useful to lower blood glucose naturally. It’s because a low glycemic index food will not raise the blood sugar dramatically.

Unfortunately, there’s no basic guideline for the effect of low glycemic index food to our body. The exact effect of glycemic index will vary from one person to another.

To find out how glycemic index food affects your blood sugar levels, you need to do frequent monitoring.

For example, consume equivalent amount of baked potato and brown rice at dinner and then check your blood sugar response after two hours.

3. More exercise and physical activity

physical activityThis is also an effective way to lower blood glucose naturally. If you don’t like doing exercise, don’t worry. You don’t need to do a heavy exercise for this purpose. Simple and light exercise can effectively improve glucose tolerance and induce weight loss. The good news is, by doing proper exercise; the need for medication can be reduced or even completely eliminated.


4. Relaxation

relaxRelaxation exercise may reduce stress and help you cope more effectively with it.

You don’t have to go to a studio to do this exercise, because there are numbers of audio or visual tape that help you guiding through muscle relaxation.

Specific tapes that are designed for diabetic individuals are also available. These tapes will help you to create images of healthiness and encourage visualization of better glucose level.

5. Increase Consumption of Sugar-Free Fluids

Drinking sugar-free fluids will help diluting high glucose concentration. However, all people, whether they have diabetes or not, is recommended to consume 2-3 quartz of sugar-free fluids per day.

The problems may arise for those with heart disease who take diuretics or those with kidney complications who are restricted with fluids. In this case, patients should check with the doctor or dietitian.

Knowing how to lower blood glucose naturally is good, but preventing not to lower blood sugar is better. I mean, if you are aware of how your blood sugar levels response to foods intake and exercise, it will much easier to make plan of your day and prevent fluctuations in your blood sugar.