Natural Ways To Increase Bust Size

Bust Size

Most women want to increase the size of their bust. According to an article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2000, most of them want to undergo an injection process. Natural ways may not provide them with a dramatic overnight increase like the plastic surgery but it can increase their bust size effectively.


exercise your breastExercise your chest muscles. While this will not increase the size of the busts themselves, it will improve your overall bust size and profile by providing better support and lift for the busts. Consider push-ups, chest flys and the bench press.


fenugreekTake an herbal supplement specifically designed to increase bust size. The herbs fenugreek, fennel seed, wild yam, saw palmetto, black cohosh, dong quai and damiana all have purported breast-increasing properties, according to Angela Speranza of Vanderbilt University. Read and follow product directions carefully and talk with your doctor if you are under care for any chronic condition or taking any prescription medications before taking such herbs.

Use a soft-tissue expansion system designed for the busts. These systems consist of silicone cups that enclose the busts and apply sustained gentle suction to encourage growth of bust tissue. These systems must be used for a minimum of ten weeks on average. Researchers Khouri et al. reported an average increase of 55 percent in bust size among study participants in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2000.

Tips and Warnings

Schedule a professional fitting for a bra, and be refitted any time you gain or lose weight. The right bra can make a huge difference in the appearance of your busts. Purchase and use a good sports bra when exercising to minimize stress on the skin and ligaments supporting the busts. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher on your chest and any exposed breast tissue. Preventing photoaging of the skin will help it stay firm and help delay bust sagging that occurs with age. Good posture will show your busts off to their best advantage.

Before taking any herbal supplements, talk with your doctor, especially if you have allergies, chronic conditions or are taking any prescription medications. Because breasts are composed primarily of fatty tissue, excessive weight loss will decrease breast size.