Natural Ways To Add Volume To Hair

long-hairTo add volume to hair is difficult if you don’t have the knowledge to do so. Fortunately, we have a steps to add volume to hair in easy natural ways.

First, see your hairs natural volume. Go to bed and sleep with your hair completed unstyled. This will help you see if you are blow drying out the volume or if any gel or extra hair products you use flatten your hair.

Switch to a lighter weight shampoo and condition. Your conditioner may be too heavy and weighing down your hair which decreases the volume.

Wash your hair less and give it time to relax and reach it’s full volume potential.

Flip your hair over and upside down when you are blow drying your hair. This is a quick way to add volume to your roots.

egg yolk can add volume to hairScrunch your hair with your fingers. For curly hair this can add more volume to your hair naturally.

Consider using a natural wash (such as beer or eggs) to help clean any layers of shampoo or hair products that may be building on your scalp. This can help revitalize your scalp and give your hair an even better chance to gain volume!