Lonely Is The Night

Singing this song in karaoke machine without your special someone beside you could be a lonely experience. Air Supply is right when they composed this song. Lonely Is The Night is a unique song to let your love ones knows how lonely you become when they are not with you. This song is a great means to let them know that you will never exist without them.

I heard this song in my college days. Going back home after the class, I heard this music while walking by. I was from suburban areas. I went to the city to take college and rent a small boarding house. That boarding house was just a walking distance from the school. So after the class, I just have to walk to boarding house. This is the reason I was able to hear Lonely Is the Night song the first time.

I also become familiar of this song because my classmate happened to be a great fan of air supply and “Lonely Is the Night” is his favorite song at that time. He often brought a guitar with him school and started playing the guitar and sings this song. I started to like song by constantly listening him while playing his guitar. There was a time when our class agreed to have a picnic. He brought that guitar and we started singing that song and we both enjoyed.

I even used this song when I let my crush knows that I like her. In fact, we become a lover and we used to sing that song when we often strolled at the nearby beach. Lonely Is the Night has become so popular at that time. Almost everyone knows that song and knows how to sing it. It is widely accepted and widely become a favorite song. The lyric is meaningful. It is all about love and you would never encounter any profound and nasty words with it. Wordings are properly chosen to suit all people with different age category so that it would be meaningful enough.

There is a great difference when you sing it rather than just listen to it. You can express your feelings and desire to your wannabe lover by just singing it to them.

Lonely Is the Night is one of the most popular songs popularized by Air Supply.


Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone
Your demons come to light and your mind is not your own
Lonely is the night when there’s no one left to call
You feel the time is right–(say) the writin’s on the wall

It’s a high time to fight when the walls are closin’ in
Call it what you like–It’s time you got to win
Lonely, lonely, lonely–your spirit’s sinkin’ down
You find you’re not the only stranger in this town

Red lights, green lights, stop ‘n go jive
Headlines, deadlines jammin’ your mind
You been stealin’ shots from the side
Let your feelin’s go for a ride

There’s danger out tonight..the man is on the prowl
Get the dynamite…the boys are set to prowl
Lonely is the night when you hear the voices call
Are you ready for a fight–do you wanna take it all

Slowdown, showdown–waitin’ on line
Showtime, no time for changin’ your mind
Streets are ringin’, march to the sound
Let your secrets follow you down

Somebody’s watchin’ you baby–so much you can do
Nobody’s stoppin’ you baby, from makin’ it too
One glimpse’ll show you now baby, what the music can do
One kiss’ll show you now baby–it can happen to you

No more sleepin’, wastin’ our time
Midnight creepin’s first on our minds
No more lazin’ ’round the tv
You’ll go crazy–come out with me