Best Typing Software and Top Free Typing Tutors

If I were asked what the best typing software is, I would certainly say “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing”. Why? It’s because this is the software that teaches my how to type very fast. You will go down to every lesson each on different levels but you never get boring. There every lesson on each level, there is a corresponding game that would enhance what you have studied on that specific lesson. For example, on a beginner lesson where you have to study “asdf” keys, the corresponding game will present those keys in order for you to familiarize and master it. Then this strategy will go on and on to different level as you progress on your study. Continue reading

5 Home Remedies To Treat Hangover

200310923-001People who drink beyond their limits must have experienced a hangover at one point or another. There are several causes of hangover. One of these is drinking with empty stomach. Another is lack of sleep. Dehydrated body or poor health can also cause hangover when drinking too much. The most common symptoms of a hangover are bad taste in mouth, an upset stomach, a headache, and an inevitable guilt conscience. When having hangover, it is not necessary to take over the counter medicine as hangover can be treated with home remedies. Below are 5 common home remedies to treat hangover. Continue reading

8 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Bladder Infection

bladder-infectionBladder infections are a type of infection of the urinary tract. Typically, bacteria cause infections in the urinary tract. You develop a bladder infection when bacteria or other minute organisms latch onto the walls of the urethra and begin to grow, flourish and reproduce. The longer you wait to treat the symptoms, the worse your infection can get.

These bacteria can travel through the urinary tract affecting the bladder and kidneys. Urinary tract infections can happen to anyone, but are most prominently found in women. While it is important to know when to see a doctor, there are some home remedies that may be helpful in fighting off bladder infections. Continue reading

Natural Ways To Facelift To Remove Wrinkles And Aging Lines

faceliftBy the time we came out of this world, we were free of wrinkles. Our skin is supple, smooth, and soft. As we grow older we find ourselves having those dreadful aging lines, wrinkles, and crow feet. Then we were laid to believe that those conditions will be solved by using facial treatments and anti-aging creams and gels. Then most prominently, facelift has becoming one of the effective ways to remove wrinkles and aging lines. We noticed several people underwent a facelift surgeries just to remove those wrinkles and look younger. But only few knows that facelift can be done in natural ways. Thus, savings thousand of dollars and enable those who have few money to have a facelift. Here are the ways. Continue reading

Herbal Remedies For Aching Muscles

aching-muscleMuscle pain can be the result of sore muscles which also the results of unusual movement or overexertion. It may also be an indirect result of sprains which are also the result of over-stretching of ligaments that surrounds the joints. Or it maybe caused by the bruises that are the result of external pressure that is hard enough to break the blood vessels. Continue reading

Side Effects Of Aubagio

aubagioThis article list all the reported side effects of teriflunomide. But it is important to take note that not all people have the same reaction upon taking Aubagio. Some side effects of Aubagio are not reported so always consult your doctor upon taking this tablet. Some allergic reactions when taking teriflunomide include difficulty in breathing and swelling of your face, lips, tongue or throat. Stop taking teriflunomide and ask medical advice immediately when you experience the following reactions: Continue reading